What is your digital marketing strategy?

Running your business is understandably your focus, but what is your digital marketing strategy?

How do you currently promote your business:

  1. Newspaper ads
  2. Make the most of your email signature
  3. Give something away
  4. Offer discounts for limited periods
  5. Traditional mailers
  6. Reward repeat business
  7. Offer a guarantee
  8. Have excellent customer service
  9. Offer package deals
  10. Use community boards
  11. Sponsor a local school sports team

In this digital world we live in you must have an internet presence to succeed and grow, and it is likely your competition already is using digital media in the form of websites, social media, and newer options such as digital business cards and proximity marketing which rely on a business having a website and/or a Facebook page or other social media sites.

Historically, businesses have paid thousands of dollars to create a website which is out of reach of most small businesses – especially when they are just get started. However, we offer an affordable option to create a website which is significantly less expensive than you might think possible.  You can see examples of our work by visiting our customer page.

We have found that many business owners either don’t have the time or comfort level to setup a business Facebook page, know the difference between a Facebook page and Facebook group, or realize someone can have a personal Facebook page in addition to a business Facebook page. We can quickly and easily setup a business Facebook page for you and then show you how to maintain the page going forward or help you to maintain the page. You can learn more about social media by visiting our social media page.

Digital business cards can be a powerful way to share information about your business while collecting contact information from potential customers. To learn more about digital business cards and see examples of two different options we promote, you can visit our digital business card page.

Proximity marketing is new to small and mid-sized businesses – only being made possible at an affordable cost approximately a year ago. This technology allows your to spread news of your business to every android phone (60% of cell phone users) within 100 yard radius in a way that is fully FCC compliant and does not spam the potential customers. NEWS – just announced, the technology can now reach iPhones! To learn more about Proximity marketing you can visit our proximity marketing page.