Advertising Boost Testimonial

This past weekend, the wife and I attended one of our 2 largest craft shows that we do every year. In addition to our online marketing activities, we’ve been handcrafting natural soaps & skin care products since 2011 and selling these at a variety of craft shows and festivals in 2 states. I’m also currently setting up our E-commerce website so that we’ll be able to sell online.

Now that I have AB incentives, I decided to test the vacation certificates & restaurant vouchers at this show. My plan was to offer a $100 restaurant voucher to everyone who signed up to our email list, and a 3 night U.S. Vacation Voucher for everyone who spent over a certain dollar amount. The dollar amount is something I’ll be testing but for this first time, I made it $100, just to see if we might be able to hit that.

I can’t recall ever getting a $100+ sale at a show. At our products price points, we do get a lot of sales in the $25 – $50 range, as well as $60 & some in the $70 – $80 range. But $100 is pretty tough to get because a customer would have to buy a LOT of our products at the show, and then they’d have to carry all those products around and our soap is heavy, lol.

I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare promotional materials but I did throw together a couple of quick signs that I could post around our display, to let customers know about the restaurant vouchers & vacation incentives. But I’m not a graphic artist and had to put something together quickly, so while the end result was functional, I really can’t wait until AB comes out with professional looking signs & marketing resources that I can use for offline marketing. AB comes out with some really cool looking stuff so I’m always looking to improve my presentation.

I sent out an email blast to our list that we’ve been building over the years, to let them know about the show, the $100 restaurant vouchers and the vacation vouchers. I also posted an announcement on our Facebook & Twitter page. BTW, because of these emails and social media posts, I had quite a few people come up to me at the show to tell me that they saw my email or FB post and that’s why they came to the show. It’s always a great feeling when people tell you that they made the trip specifically to come see you and buy your products. That’s several hundred $ in sales that we wouldn’t have made if we didn’t send out emails or post about the upcoming show and incentives.

OK, so what were the results of testing AB’s restaurant vouchers and vacation certificates?

Email Sign Ups:

Email sign ups at this show went through the roof! I mean literally, they totally exploded over any show we’ve ever attended. I went through all of the email lists I’ve compiled since 2014, and the most email sign ups we’ve ever had at any previous show was 11, and that was at this exact same show back in 2015. But this past weekend, our email sign ups skyrocketed to 41, which is an approximate 400% Boost!

Previously, I’d tell people about signing up for our list, but I really had nothing to offer them as an incentive. But this past weekend, I told everyone who stopped by our booth to sign up for our email list and I would give them a $100 restaurant voucher. I also explained to each person how the voucher worked, how they could find the deals on the site, that they could potentially save hundreds of $$ using these vouchers, etc.

And the results speak for themselves, a 400% increase in email sign ups compared to the previous highest number of email sign ups at this same show back in 2015. Giving restaurant vouchers in exchange for email list sign ups = HUGE success!

Email Surprise Bonus:

BTW, thought I should also mention that in the past, people would scribble their names & email addresses. Lots of times, I couldn’t make out their email address and I’d wind up sending to the wrong address and the email would bounce. But this time, using the restaurant incentives, I’m totally amazed at how people took their time to fill out their name & email address. The printing is some of the best I’ve ever seen and I can make out every single name & email address with no problems. With a $100 voucher on the line, I guess people really wanted to make sure that I could read their name & email address, lol. Good stuff!


As I previously mentioned, I can’t recall ever having a $100 or higher sale at any show we’ve done since 2011. We’ve come close over the years but never seemed to hit that magic number. BUT, this time, and at this show, I actually gave away a Vacation Certificate! (see pic below)

A great way to increase your sales - Advertising Boost.

A great way to increase your sales – Advertising Boost.

I started with the $100 amount as a test. My goal is to make it approachable for people to get the vacation certificate, but possibly make them stretch just a bit. So, someone who might be spending $75 or so just might be persuaded to spend a bit more to get the complimentary vacation. We have our 2nd largest show of the year coming up this weekend, so I’m going to try testing a $75 or higher purchase to get the vacation voucher and see how that goes. We do get a good amount of sales in the $50 – $60 range, so a $75 threshold might just be enough to push those buyers to spend a bit more to get the vacation.

BTW, the lady in the pic who I gave the vacation voucher to told us that she specifically came to that show just to see us. She received my email and saw my post on our FB page and came to the show only to buy our products. She came in, bought, got her certificate, then left. She didn’t even walk around to check out any of the other vendors, even though she paid a $4 admission fee to get into the show. Pretty cool.

Networking & Good Will:

It’s not always about sales. Sometimes, it’s about Networking & Good Will. As a vendor of this show, we’ve been fortunate to get the #1 premium booth location in the entire civic center. And, I’d like to keep it that way. And in order to do that, I like to maintain a great relationship with the show promoter & the organization that’s hosting the show. They have a staff that works tirelessly behind the scenes to make the show a success and to provide whatever the vendors may need.

So, my marketing friends, I spoke with the President of the organization that hosts this show and I’m currently making arrangements with her to give each member of her show staff either a restaurant voucher or vacation certificate, as a show of my appreciation for all of their hard work. Do you think that will cement our business in their minds and create some good will for yours truly? I certainly think so!


Yeah, I’m all in! Advertising Boost works and works really well. The proof is always in the pudding and although AB looks great on paper, sounds great in theory and makes a lot of sense, it’s not until you put it into action and see the results first hand that you start to understand the power and impact of what’s going on. Now I can really understand how those Billion $ companies became Billion $ companies. Can’t wait to do this again next week!