Digital Business Cards

As business owners, we pay for and hand out as many business cards as we can, but how effective is that being? How good a job do you do in being able to find business cards when you are looking for a service or product? If you are like me, and I think most are, not very good. Business cards get lost or thrown away or, at a minimum, are not organized to where you can find them quickly and easily.

If you hand out business cards, do you get your potential customer’s contact information or do you have to wait for a call that might never come?

I promote two very affordable options for digital business cards with similar, but different features and capabilities. You can click on each image below to view the details on each example card – keep in mind these cards are responsive so they look different on mobile devices and computers (based on screen size); therefore, you might want to view each of them on a mobile device and a computer for comparison purposes.

Digital business card - option 1

Digital business card – option 1

Digital Business Card Option 2

Digital Business Card Option 2

With digital business cards you have the option to enter a person’s name, phone number and/or email address and send them your business card which provides you their contact information also. Additionally, you can provide a QR code right from your phone that someone can scan, and you also can have the option to scan and OCR (turn the scanned image into readable text) to add directly to your contacts.

One of the options to the left gives you the capability to show you when someone views your card. You can also send your contacts promotional offers and schedule follow up appointments.

If you have not yet heard about proximity marketing, you should click here to visit our page on proximity marketing to learn about a new way to reach potential customers in a way that only recently became available at an affordable price for small to mid-sized businesses.

If you are interested in considering either of these options, let’s talk – we can give you a live tour of both options and answer any questions you may have. You can also learn about how both options can be used together.

You can see a video about option 1 which combines digital business cards with proximity marketing by clicking here to visit our proximity marketing page.

To view a video about option 2, watch the video below:

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