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What is Shuffle?


What is Proximity Marketing?


How to get started

To get started with your digital business cards you will choose the affiliate near the bottom of this page and provide the requested information. Let’s walk through the process where you better know what to expect.

Today, Sam Boyer will be your referring affiliate during your sign up process:

First you will see this screen – you can watch the video or click “Get Shuffle”.


Next, you will see the screen below. By default, you will be ordering 10 digital business cards for $10/month. You do have 2 additional options:

  1. A one time fee of $50 to upgrade to 100 Shuffle cards. If you upgrade, this is a one time fee – you will still just pay $10/month for your digital business cards.
  2. You also have the ability to order proximity marketing devices (Wave) for a one time activation fee of $50 and individual devices are $10/month.

You can always order the 100 card upgrade or add proximity marketing devices at a later time. Click “continue” when ready.

On the next screen, pictured below – you will provide your information. In the bottom left hand corner, you will confirm the affiliate you want to support you. Please leave the “YES” button selected and confirm it matches the affiliate link you choose below. Click “Continue” when ready.

Here are the affiliates you can choose from – join our team and we will help you grow your business!

Click the image below to get started:

Steps to Success

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